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Everything I use to streamline my blogging process so that I don’t go crazy

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I’ve always been a planner. When I started blogging, I actually wasn’t able to figure out how to plan my blogging process, and it was stressful! I’m happy to report that after three years that I’ve actually figured out a way to streamline my blogging process! From creating graphics to scheduling content, all of these tips have changed the way that I blog, seriously!

streamline blogging process

Why should you streamline your blogging process?

By creating a streamline for your blogging process, it can make it not seem so daunting! I know a lot of people say that they couldn’t start a blog because it is too much work. My blogging process has actually never been easier. I create the content in batches, schedule in batches, and it leaves me plenty of time to live my life, take my courses, and not feel overwhelmed.

Over App

How many times can I talk about the Over App? The limit seriously doesn’t exist. It has completely changed the way that I create graphics. As someone who DOES NOT have any graphic design knowledge, this makes such a difference! There is a free version to the app, but I *balled out* and decided that the $15 dollars/month was completely worth it. This app has kept my graphics on brand, and helped me find a font combination that I love! You can also schedule through the app, and use your own photos or logos!


I travel quite often, and always hated being on my phone scheduling posts. Buffer is something that I have used since about my third month of blogging and has seriously helped me streamline my blogging process. You can schedule posts to upload to a variety of social channels. I use it primarily for Twitter, but have used it for Facebook previously and had great results! What I love about Buffer is that you can create your own schedule so that you are putting content out at a time that works for you. If you have the paid version, it will track analytics for your posts, and even let you repost your content!

streamline blogging process

Tailwind is a life-saver

You probably knew this was coming! I LOVE *Tailwind, and it is by far the best investment that I have made for my blog. It also is essential to streamline my blogging process. Pinterest is my number one source of traffic, and it literally grows every day! Tailwind helps me make sure that I am sharing my content, sharing others, and driving traffic to my blog! If you’re looking for more information about *Tailwind, check out this post here! Additionally, if you’re curious about Pinterest, I have this post here, and a free email course too.

Keeping a content journal

I’m kind of old-fashioned when it comes to documenting things. I love to have a physical copy of something that I want to remember or keep. You just can’t always trust technology! As I’m writing this, Instagram and Facebook are both down worldwide, and people are freaking out! I’m a hoarder when it comes to notebooks, and I have one that is dedicated to my blog posts and outlines. It is one of my top tips for consistently creating content!

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