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Start Your Dream Blog Ebook

start your dream blog
Are you ready to get serious about your blog? Start your dream blog is an ebook designed to take the question out of the “How do I start a blog”. having started three successful blogs in the past three years, I’m sharing all of my tips to get you started in less than 15 minutes.
In this $10.00 guide, I take you step-by-step from coming up with a name for your blog, as well as taking you through the technical side which can turn most people away! after this book, you’ll be ready to start creating amazing content, and start growing your blog!

– How to find your niche
– What your strengths are
– How to find where you belong in the blogosphere

– How to pick a name that really stands out
– My strategy to pick out a blog name that really fits who YOU are
– A step-by-step explanation to purchase your first domain name

– A step-by-step explanation to purchase your first domain name
– What to purchase, and why

– Which platform works best for you
– The differences in various blogging platforms
– The benefits of being self-hosted

– Why Siteground is preferred by WordPress for hosting
– How to get 60% off your self-hosted plan
– How to set up your hosting plan

– How to connect your blog to WordPress

This comprehensive guide holds 20+ pages filled with content that is not only easy to understand, but can really help you on your blog process.

You don’t have to be a technical genius to have a blog, and it’s actually a lot easier than you think to get started!