Is social media making you feel bad?

I’m pretty sure we can all agree that sometimes social media just makes us feel bad, right? We have entered the age of being dominated by the internet, and it controls everything around us. What happens when social media starts impacting our life in a negative way? If you’re feeling like this, here are three thins that you can do right now.

social media feel bad

Just straight up turn it off

I know that it kind of sounds scary, but it is surprisingly easy. You have to remember that we CHOOSE to use social media, and we are actually in control of what it does to us. If you find yourself going down a rabbit hole of inferirority, lack of confidence, or anything of the sort, the quickest way to solve that problem is just to turn it off. I know that a lot of us work within the realm of social media. If that is the case, try and limit yourself on how much you use it. Set alarms, or create a schedule that works for you. You would be surprised at how quickly you will feel relief.

There is always the unfollow button

I’ve shared the importance of the unfollow button a few times. If someone on social media is making you feel bad, you can always unfollow them. There is no legal obligation to follow anyone’s Instagram or Twitter. I’m not sure when social media turned into a popularity contenst, but it has. When I was younger, my mother always told me that if someone was making me mad, sad, or any feeling that I didn’t like, there was always room for new friendships, and this is true with social media.

Social media is meant to be fun

At the end of the day, you’re supposed to be having fun. Social media started as a way for us to build relationships, create content, and share our lives. I think it is important that we don’t take social media too seriously. Once again, if you’re not having fun doing something, then you really don’t need to keep it going. I shared a lot of about this in my recent post about how to know when enough is enough if you are interested!

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