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So, I tried that $1.80 method on Instagram…

A few weeks ago (almost a month now) I saw the $1.80 method by Gary Vaynerchuk and was pretty interested to see if it would actually make a difference in my Instagram engagement. As you know, Instagram engagement is literally the most important tool for growth we have right now, and I’m all about trying new techniques! So, for two weeks, the $1.80 method and I were best friends, here is what happened.

$1.80 method

What is the $1.80 method?

This method is where you pick out ten hashtags that pertain to your niche. From those ten hashtags, you add a meaningful comment to the top nine photos of each of them. Yes, girl, that means 90 comments per day! While I have always been an “engager” on Instagram, I definitely don’t think I was putting out 90 comments per day. So, after two weeks, I can say that am still doing it! I ran this experiment at the end of February until Mid-March.

What happened?

The screenshot on the left is right before I started the $1.80 method. My numbers were dropping, and I just wasn’t seeing any growth in followers or engagement. On the right is right after the two weeks ended. If you ask me, it is a pretty big difference in reach, impressions, and profile visits.

Tips & tricks that I found along the way

Seriously though, 90 comments is a lot. I did it in addition to the regular engagement that I always do. The best way for me to complete that many per day was just so stretch them out over the whole day. When I had some downtime, I would do some comments. I also kept track on a piece of paper so that I knew that I was fully completing it.

When I was selecting hashtags to use, I also made sure that the hashtags weren’t too overpopulated, and that they were hashtags I used myself. Mainly, I just wanted to target an audience that I had on my Instagram, and that it would be content that I was genuinely interested in as well. Like I always say, staying true to yourself is always the most important part of really succeeding on Instagram!

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    • I’m really amazed with how my results were, and it became such a simple thing to do every day!

    • It seems like it is for sure! I broke mine up into small portions through the day, and it made it so much easier!

  1. I can’t say that I’ve done 90 per day, but I have definitely increased the number of times I comment on folks that I want to connect with, as well as posting more often and I have seen a gain–versus the losses that had been plaguing me up until then. So, knowing that I need to do even more to significantly increase our following is NOT surprising. I will definitely ramp it up a little more. However, I am trying to grow our YouTube following AND email list–all while trying to run a podcast–so making the following better is the goal right about now. Thanks for sharing this awesome advice!

    • No, it’s basically giving your “2 cents” in the form of a comment on 90 different posts. .02 * 90 = $1.80!

    • Yep! I just grabbed a notebook and wrote out the hashtags and would tick them off as I completed them!

  2. Hi – this is super awesome as it shows that you truly care. So sick of automated bots with ‘nice pic.’ Just wondering, is it comments on the posts themselves – would you bother using this for DM’s?

  3. I am not trying to be rude, just genuinely curious – do you think leaving 90 comments per day is worth it for 19 website visitors and 4 new email subscribers? I am just trying to figure out where the value is in Instagram, since it doesn’t seem like it’s a great tool for driving traffic for most bloggers.

    • Well, I’m not using instagram to drive traffic to my blog. I’ve mentioned quite a few times that instagram is just for fun for me. My blog traffic does not come from instagram at all. Additionally, clicking on an email in Instagram is not a blog subscription. That is someone clicking on it as a way of contact. Those statistics do not reflect my blog traffic whatsoever. Thanks thought!

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