Are you using the right hashtags?

right hashtags

Thanks to the Instagram algorithm, we are having to fight more than ever to grow on social media. Using the right hashtags can seriously make or break your success on social media. Using the right hashtags can help you:

  • Grow organically
  • Build a community & network with fellow bloggers
  • Lead to brand deals or sponsorships

Since Instagram is allowing us to now follow hashtags that we enjoy, they play an even bigger role in how, when, and if our content is seen in someone’s feed. The key to using hashtags is to use the right ones. Find ones that are not too big, in your niche, but still something that people are looking for.

right hashtags

The question arises, how do you know if you’re using the right ones?

I went through the hashtags that I’m currently rotating, and I’m sharing all of the details about their performance. These are the hashtags that I use to achieve a 30% engagement rate on Instagram consistently! These hashtags attribute to growing my Instagram to 1000 real followers in less than a month, and why I keep growing every single day!

I’ve created sets that you can simply copy and paste into your caption on Instagram or any social media platform for that matter! They are broken down by the actual engagement rate that I am receiving from each hashtag. I also have split them into three different categories as well! Use some or all of them, and let me know which ones have worked the best for you!

Each set contains around thirty hashtags which makes it perfect for an Instagram caption! You can also use these hashtags to find other hashtags that work great for you. PS: Download the Preview App, and you’ll be able to see your engagement on the hashtag after you post it!

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