What I Have Been Reading, Watching, and Listening to During Quarantine

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I think for most of us, quarantine has been a great time to spend a little more time doing what we want to do. For me, I am lucky enough to work from home, so finding time to watch a TV show or listen to my favorite podcast is not as difficult as it is for those who have a job outside of the home. Since we are still going through the motions, here is everything that I have been reading, watching, and listening to during quarantine.

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One of my personal goals for the year was to just read more books. Reading is something that I have always enjoyed, and it is a great way to take a break from electronics and to have some great alone time. I have actually read more books so far this year than I have in previous years as a total.

You & Hidden Bodies

Like most of the world, I was obsessed with You when it came out on Netflix. I said for literal years that I was going to read the books, and I finally got around to doing so this year. For those of you who have already seen the show, the books are different enough that you will find yourself being surprised. Hidden Bodies has a lot of differences from the second season as well. They are thicker books, but they are both super easy reads!

One of Us is Lying

After seeing this on my recommended list for WEEKS on Amazon, I decided to go ahead and pick it up. While I am not the biggest fan of high school themed books (hi, I’m 30!), I found myself really diving into the story and enjoying it. If you are a fan of the first few seasons of Riverdale or Pretty Little Liars, then you will really enjoy this book. I am currently reading the sequel called One of Us is Next!



It is really rare that I find something on National Geographic that I just have to watch. I am such a fan of a period drama, and Barkskins is not only interesting from the TV show perspective, but it is also a period of history that I am interested in. It has Professor Lupin from the Harry Potter movies in it, and it is incredible. It is on Hulu so you can catch up super quick!

The Big Flower Fight

My younger cousin recently told me about this show. Being someone who is currently planning an intense flower garden at her home, I am obsessed with anything flower related, and it is incredible to see how many creative people are out there. You can watch it on Netflix right now!

When They See Us

Shockingly, this is a story that I had never heard of. I saw one of my favorite bloggers talking about it on her Instagram stories, and I headed straight to Netflix to watch it. It is intense and highlights a lot of issues that our justice system has, and it is excellently portrayed. While there are details that it leaves out, it will be a great stepping stone to get you interested to find out more about the case.

Listening To

My Favorite Murder

If you have been a long time reader, then you know I love a good true crime podcast. There is no way this was not going to make my reading, watching, and listening to list. My Favorite Murder is a podcast with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark that covers a variety of different crimes and murders, it also has shorter episodes where listeners can send in their stories. If you are looking for more podcast recommendations, check out this post!

Pod Save The People

Hosted by Deray Mckesson, Brittany Packnett Cunningham, Sam Sinyangwe and writer Dr. Clint Smith III, this podcast covers a lot of current social, cultural, and political topics. This is something that I have recently picked up so I cannot tell you everything that is about, but it has been a great way of educating myself about the world past what I see and experience, and it has been something that I look forward to each day.

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  1. June 22, 2020 / 4:48 am

    Nice that you can still listen to music and watch your shows easily these days. I’m also working from home and it’s really good that I’m in the comfort of my own home and listen to music when I want to.


    • ashleestuart
      August 5, 2020 / 9:21 am

      Right?! It is so nice that a lot of us had the chance to relax this year and spend some time with ourselves and family!

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