The real reason I quit being a beauty blogger

If you haven’t been around for the past three years, then you might not know that I used to be a beauty blogger. While I still love makeup and beauty, it was taking a negative toll on how I felt about myself and my content. When I started this blog, I had a few friends ask me why I quit being a beauty blogger, and my response basically was “I wasn’t feeling it”. There is actually a lot more to the story, and I’m about to break it down.

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It is just so oversaturated

I started being a beauty blogger years ago just for fun. No one in my life really cared about beauty products as much as I did, and I needed somewhere to share my love for the beauty industry. I had been watching Youtube for well over eight years by this point, and I wanted to put my stamp on it somehow. The first thing that I really noticed is just how oversaturated the beauty blogging industry is. There are so many amazing bloggers that are doing things that I could never do, and that kind of put a damper on the joy that I got out of it.

My passion was fleeting

When I started noticing that my content was not up to par in my mind, I found myself not wanting to write anymore. If you know me at all, then you know that I truly love blogging, and it has been such an amazing tool for finding out more about myself and has even led to a career path that I never thought I would be on. In a post a while back, I mentioned that if you don’t have passion, you shouldn’t be doing it. When I accidentally deleted my old blog, I knew that this blog would not follow in its’ footsteps.

I was evolving as a person, my preferences have changed, and I wasn’t interested in the content that I was producing which seriously was hurting my blog, and I didn’t even realize it. When it came to the choice to quit being a beauty blogger, I knew that it was the decision I needed to make.

beauty blogger

I just did not wear enough to justify my collection or spending

Makeup is expensive! While I got sent items every now and then, the majority of what I was sharing was items that I purchased myself. Don’t get me wrong, I still buy makeup pretty often, but I don’t feel the pressure to be on top of the newest releases or buying things just because they are popular. Additionally, I just wasn’t wearing enough my makeup to be considered a beauty blogger. I would wear makeup when I was going somewhere, but that was about it. I felt like I was playing a role that I just wasn’t excited about!

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