How to make your next plane ride more comfortable!

We’ve all been there, right? Stuffed like a sardine back on that one flight that you got a great deal on. Now listen, I’m all about a great plane ticket, but they are not the most comfortable. Over the past few years, my travel routine has evolved. I’m sharing a few tips that can make your next plane ride more comfortable, and they are a lot easier than you think.

plane ride comfortable

It’s all about being comfortable

There are times where you might have to dress up for a flight, but majority of the time, it’s all about comfort. When it comes to making a plane ride more comfortable, there are a few things that you seriously should consider bringing. The first is a longer jacket. I have a faux suede trench coat that I love to travel with. Not only can I use it as a blanket if needed, but it also comes in handy on my trips. It’s lightweight enough so that I don’t get hot, and it has pockets, woo!

You also should consider bringing a pair of socks. Has anyone ever been hot on a plane? I’m serious! I don’t bring fuzzy socks because they just aren’t my vibe. What I do bring is a pair of compression socks. I have a serious issue with restless leg syndrome when I fly, but I haven’t had that problem since I started wearing some. I found mine on Amazon for $16!

Planes can be harsh on your skin

I used to have the worst issue with planes. My skin would always break out, and it always looked TERRIBLE. Once I began realizing how important it was to prep your skin before and after your next trip. I try and stay as hydrated as I possibly can, and I bump up my water consumption before my trip. In order to make my plane ride more comfortable, I also bring a small set of toiletries that I love. This includes pretty standard items and a small skincare routine! If you’re curious about what’s in my travel beauty pack, check out this post here!

plane ride comfortable

Everything you need for your tech

I cannot stress this first tip enough. If you are really trying to make your plane ride more comfortable, then make sure you CHARGE everything! There have been a lot of times where I didn’t charge my Macbook, iPad, or iPhone, and I was unable to do work, which just stressed me out more. I think it is also worth investing in a power bank, mine has saved me so many times!

My last tip is make sure you bring headphones. Additionally, if you are traveling on an international flight, make sure that you have the proper converter. Some headphones are different, especially if you’re flying Emirates. Something that I do is keep two pairs of headphones in my travel bag at all times. One is for my computer or the headphone jack on the plane, and the other is for my iPhone!

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