Pinterest mistakes that you might be making

Pinterest is my favorite marketing tool for my blog, and it is also my biggest source of traffic. There might be Pinterest mistakes that you are making, and you might not even know it! Not only is Pinterest a great tool for promoting your blog content, but it is also a great place to find inspiration for pretty much anything in your life!

Pinterest mistakes

Maybe you’re not pinning enough

This is one of those things that everyone will tell you something different. “Don’t pin on Tuesdays”, ” Only do two pins an hour”, the list really goes on. If you read my Pinterest post a while back, then you know that my Pinterest had a serious facelift once I started using *Tailwind. I’m a firm believer that the amount you pin makes a huge difference in the amount of traffic they will receive.

I think it is important to note that I don’t pin 30 of my own images per day, but I do pin 30 per day. I schedule my posts through Tailwind, and it automatically does it for me. Even though the majority of my pins are scheduled, I’m not afraid to manually pin until my heart is content. There is a lot of great content that you can find on Pinterest that is not located on *Tailwind, sadly.

Your graphics might not be up to par

Graphics can make or break your Pinterest success. I’ve written a post about how I create my graphics, and what you should include to make the biggest impact. For each post, I create three different graphics. These graphics typically vary in what the wording is, but they are clear about the topic of my post.

When you make graphics, it is important to keep them clean and organized. If you aren’t sure how head over to Pinterest and make notes about graphics that appeal to you. What do they have in common? I’ll talk more about graphics in just a few minutes.

You’re not telling Pinterest what it is about!

As amazing as Pinterest is, it sadly cannot read your graphics. Similar to how Google cannot read any text on an image that you upload. One of the biggest Pinterest mistakes that I was making was that I wasn’t filling out my descriptions. We all know how important SEO is, and it is just as important over on Pinterest!

When you go to upload a pin, you’ll see an option to enter a description. Fill this with a short description of your pin, make sure that you add keywords that someone might search on Pinterest. Oh, also, you can use hashtags to help too! Basically, fill out the description until you can’t anymore!

Pinterest mistakes

You’re not branding your content

I told you I would come back to graphics. One of the most common Pinterest mistakes is the creator forgetting how much their brand matters! This can help you create graphics that people will remember! I like to use the same fonts and colors that are on my blog just to create a cohesive look. I use the Over App and Canva to create graphics, and on both, you can save templates to make the process easier!

Your Pinterest profile might be a wreck

I recently went through and organized my entire Pinterest profile, and it has made such a difference. For me, Pinterest has a lot to do with my blog, but what boards were visible had pretty much nothing to do with my blog or brand. I hid the boards that I use for my own personal use, and I left the ones that had to do with the content I write about.

Speaking of, I went through my bio and cleaned that up as well. I placed some keywords that would help my profile be more visible when Pinterest users search! Lastly, I took the time to create board labels just to keep my profile looking neat and clean. It took me about 5 minutes on Canva, and I think it makes a huge difference!

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