Pinterest for bloggers: Your new best friend

If you know me, then you know my absolute obsession with Pinterest! It is an amazing place to find inspiration, promote your content, and learn a new thing! If you’re not currently using Pinterest as a blogger, then you’re missing out on one of the biggest tools to grow your blog!


Perfect That Bio

I think we all know how important a bio is right? This is the first thing that a potential reader is going to see! They want to know who you are and what you’re about. Using essential keywords can help users find you too! Something that I recently did was add keywords to my name on Pinterest! If someone types in that keyword, then your profile is more likely to pop up!


I like to keep the cover on brand as well. I have it cycle through the pins that I share on my own blog board. It keeps the colors consistent, and can actually help viewers recognize your content. I also make sure to keep my keywords in my bio description as well! It’s all about showing why that reader should choose your content!

Make Sure Your Pins Are RIGHT

Your pins are what set you apart from the competition. By creating high-quality graphics, you can catch the viewers attention, and convert them into readers! Even if you don’t have great graphic design skills, there are some amazing tools that can help you! Start playing around with Over and Canva, it will honestly just come to you! You can also check out this post for some more info on graphics!

Keywords are necessary for your pin descriptions. It helps people actually FIND YOUR CONTENT! That is what we are all looking for, right? Pinterest doesn’t have the ability to read your graphics, but it will read your descriptions. Use hashtags put as much information as you can! Something else I love to do is create multiple images! I keep templates to make it easy!


Schedule Your Content

We are all busy! If you have the time to manually schedule your pins every day, then teach me your ways! I’ve been scheduling my pins for quite some time now. I’ve mentioned a few times how *Tailwind completely changed my blog. If you’re looking for more information on that, then I highly suggest you read this post here! That being said, I still think it is important to manually pin when you can. After all, Pinterest is still in some ways a social platform. In everything you do, you should be bringing a real piece of who you are! Authenticity is still the most important factor in everything you do!

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