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Pink Grapefruit Sage Mimosa

I don’t know about where you live, but it has been unseasonably warm around here! I’ve found myself sitting on my porch enjoying the weather, and it is January! When the weather gets warm, I absolutely crave citrus-based drinks. Over the summer, I had an amazing pink grapefruit sage mimosa at a brunch in NYC, and I had to recreate my own.

pink grapefruit Sage Mimosa

My Pink Grapefruit Sage Mimosa is the perfect drink to lead you into spring. The grapefruit brightens the drink, and the smell and taste of sage at a unique spin onto a traditional mimosa. You can even use grapefruit juice that you buy out of the bottle. I won’t judge you! I prefer to have all of my citrus juices squeezed fresh, but I know not everyone has the time. Use whatever works best for you! You could also use any type of grapefruit that you enjoy the most!

Also, sage is one of my favorite aromatic herbs. Even if sage is not your thing, it is really subtle within this cocktail. It adds a bit of a peppery vibe to the cocktail and makes it really unique. One note is that it is important to use fresh sage in cocktails. Dried sage has a totally different flavor!

pink grapefruit Sage Mimosa

Extra tips for an amazing pink grapefruit sage mimosa

Simple syrup is one of the easiest things to make and can change your cocktail recipes so much. I infused my basic simple syrup with sage for this recipe. Once you have dissolved your sugar into your boiling water, take the pan off the heat, and add in your sage to infuse. You could also use rosemary which is amazing as well. Garnish your Pink Grapefruit Sage Mimosa with a sage leaf, or a sliced piece of grapefruit!

If sage isn’t your thing, then check out this list of herbs from Bespoke Post. They also help you know when and why to use them!

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What is your favorite herb to use in cocktails?


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