How to create the perfect Pinterest graphic!

Oh my gosh, can we talk about how important Pinterest is for blogging? Ever since I really began focusing on creating a Pinterest strategy, I’ve seen such growth across various platforms, not just the blog! One of the biggest tips I will ever give you is how to create the perfect Pinterest​ graphic!

As we all know, Pinterest is a visual search engine. This means that the way you are bringing people is by your graphics. I’ll be the first to inform you that I am by no means a graphic designer. I seriously fight back and forth all day about what graphics should look like. Have no fear, I have some great news! There is basically a “formula” for creating the perfect Pinterest graphic.

Pinterest graphic

Pinterest loves long graphics

If you put the most repinned on Pinterest onto a board, you would see one huge thing in common. They are all longer graphics. Pinterest pros actually prefer this type of pin! Not only does it allow you to simply put more on the graphic, but it takes up more real estate on someone’s feed. You know what that means? A viewer is more likely to click on your image!

Pinterest recommends your image to be 600 X 900, but I usually lean towards 600 X 1200. The minimum is 600 X 600, so keep that in mind! It’s important to just test the waters and see what works best for you. While I’m on the subject of design, keep your Pinterest graphic as clean as you can. Make sure that your words are clear, the colors are not distracting, and it is pleasing to the eye. Seriously, you’ll thank me later!

Find your “brand”

I know that many people cringe when they hear the word brand, but guess what chica, that’s what you are, you’re a brand. The amount of images that get pinned on a daily basis is crazy. I’m honestly afraid to find out how many! By figuring out a brand for your blog and pins, it allows people who love your content to identify yours out of the millions that pop up. If you’re familiar with my obsession with the Over App, then you will know how easy it is to make branding easy for you.

The brand that I use on my blog extends to my other social accounts. I knew that the perfect Pinterest​ graphic would have to continue that story through the search engine. With the Over App, I can save logos to use on any graphic that I create. When you create a graphic in the app, it saves it. This has made it so easy for me to continue my brand across everything. There are certain colors, fonts, and graphics that I use.

Pinterest graphic

Keywords, keywords, keywords

By now, we all know how important keywords are to SEO. Well, I have news for you. SEO is still relevant on Pinterest. When you upload a pin to Pinterest, you will get the chance to create a description for the image. This is where you need to be placing keywords that someone might search for. If your post is about a fried chicken recipe, you need to place that in your description. Something else I have been doing recently is adding hashtags into the description as well.

Keywords are even important in your graphic. Pinterest is not actually going to read your image, but viewers are! Tell them what the image is about. If I’m looking for a post about summer barbecue ideas, I’m 100% more likely to select a Pinterest graphic that features those words, instead of just a picture of food.

My biggest tip for the perfect Pinterest graphic?

Alright, we have gone over how to make the perfect Pinterest graphic. Now, let’s talk about the importance of creating multiple images. For every single blog post that I do, I create three to four different graphics that I can share on Pinterest. Each of these has the same branding that I use but have different shapes, settings, pretty much everything. I’ve made this an easy process though! The Over App saves my images so that I really only have to change the words and back graphics.

By making multiple graphics, I have been able to find a style that works for my blog posts and something that I enjoy. I don’t even think I could tell you how many graphics I have made since I began blogging!

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What is your biggest tip for a perfect Pinterest graphic?




  1. January 28, 2019 / 12:49 pm

    your graphics (and brand) are so aesthetically pleasing! 🙂

    • ashleestuart
      January 28, 2019 / 1:32 pm

      Thanks girl! I use the Over App and just have the same color code that I use for everything!

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