Why I decided to be more open online, and why you should too!

When I first began blogging, the push for authenticity really wasn’t there. It was more important to have a great aesthetic or vibe. For years I tried to be the absolute best verison of myself online, but I knew that I just wasn’t being who I actually was. I found myself carrying about things that just were not important to me or my life. Sometimes when I looked in the mirror I had no idea who was looking back at me, and it wasn’t until then that I realized I needed to be more open online.

more open online

I wanted to be more authentic

I know that being “authentic” is kind of a triggering word right now, and it seems like it is the hottest new trend in the social media world. As a matter of fact, I wrote an entire post to see if you are being authentic! Personally, I am so thankful that social media is kind of turning back into what it used to be. For me, I have never been one to shy away from sharing my life, but one day when I realized that my life was not like the creators I followed, I all of a sudden felt not good enough. Let me be straight up with you, your life is not supposed to be like someone else’s life.

By being more open online, it basically forced me to be authentic. Especially when it came to Instagram, I knew that something had to change because I was just unhappy. I realized that I didn’t like writing long captions, planning my feed out was annoying, and it just wasn’t that important to me. On Instagram I started sharing just real life things, and the captions (if any) went along with the post in a super casual way. While the world doesn’t revolve around Instagram, it is something that I can mention and you probably know what I mean.

It became an annoying game that I didn’t want to play

One of the biggest reasons I decided to be more open online is because I was sick of playing games. We all know about the games that people play on the internet, and I was never here for it back then, so why would I be here for it now? I’ve never been one who hated who I was, so why was I ever trying to hide the real me? This is something that I think we should all remember, especially if we work online, or are active in the social media space.

more open online

Social media isn’t real life

I know that it can sometimes seem like social media is real, but it isn’t! There have been numerous where I had to tell myself that, and honestly, that is just so lame! If anything, who you are online should be just an extension of who you are every single day of your life. If you’re into making your own pillows, then why aren’t you talking about how much you enjoy doing it? Maybe travel is what you love to do, but you’re too busy sharing Pinterest marketing tips when you really should be talking to others who love travel. If you’re sick of not feeling like yourself online, or not being happy, then you should join me in just being ourselves and to stop caring what others think!

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