I’ve had it with the follow/unfollow method, literally.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know about my absolute distaste for the follow/unfollow method. While most of us are growing organically, there are a few that choose to try and skip the hard work. If you have been on social media for any amount of time, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Here are a few reasons why this needs to stop immediately.

follow/unfollow method

Straight up, it’s annoying.

You may or may not know that I deleted my older Instagram account at the end of last year. If you’re interested about that, then you should check out this post! I did this because I wanted to grow a real, authentic, and honest Instagram account. I think we all have had enough of the game, right? That being said, the process of regrowing my account has been plagued by the follow/unfollow method.

If you’re unaware of what the method is, it is when someone follows you with no actual purpose other than to get you to follow them back. They then proceed to unfollow you. It’s kind of like that annoying bee that just won’t go, and you’re afraid of getting stung. Something else you need to remember is that people always remember. I can list at least twenty names that have pulled the follow/unfollow method on me multiple times, and that is just in the past month or so!

You’re not being #authentic

Authenticity seems to be the trigger word when it comes to social media. Many users are turning the clock back to a time when social media was actually social, and people weren’t overcurating their content. With the follow/unfollow method, you’re basically pulling a bait and switch on someone. They think that they have a new follower to connect with who loves their content and vibe, but in reality, they not only don’t want to follow you, but they have probably never seen your content to begin with!

follow/unfollow method

Everything worth having takes time

With the follow/unfollow method, you are basically telling other bloggers that you don’t care about them. We are all trying to grow, we all want to connect with our audience, and we all want to share our lives and stories. There are many small bloggers out there who get excited about one follower. Imagine being the person who takes that away from someone.

At the end of the day, it is all just social media. None of it is life threatening. My only request is that if you’re participating in this, try and look at it from the other end. A number on a social media platform isn’t worth losing your credibility, possible connections, or your integrity.

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