The undeniable importance of self-care

If you know me outside of my blog, then you are fully aware of my love for self-care. Not only is it important to take time for yourself every day, but it is important to be fully aware while you are doing so.

A lot of us are so busy that we do not think we have enough time to sit for twenty minutes and read a book. Guess what, you do, and it is pretty essential to your mental health.

I am going to share a few of my favorite self-care habits, but also talk more on the subject of the undeniable importance of self-care.


Trust me, you have time

Self-care is not a long process. If you choose to dedicate the time it takes to self-tan, then that is great! I do not have that sort of dedication. Self-care can be anywhere from one minute to an entire day, week, or year. It really depends on what you are choosing to do with your time.

Selecting self-care is positive for a couple of reasons. First off, we all need a break from the outside world. Most of us put others before we ourselves, and that just needs to stop entirely. Lastly, self-care usually involves something that you personally love, and that is good for the body and the mind.

Seriously, just learn to take a break

We all do it, I have done it with blogging for a few months, and I feel like I have come back to my blog with more drive. I have been happier about what I have chosen to write about, and I have been more consistent that I have in years.

I know that you cannot necessarily take a break from your job, but you can take an extended bubble bath and binge watch something on Netflix after you get off. Take a weekend trip with your best friends or SO to somewhere you love.

This is not about taking a break from Instagram, but if that is your idea of self-care, PUT THE PHONE DOWN NOW!

We are always told to stay busy, but is that slowly draining our happiness? We always worry about work, what other people think, and the crazy world we live in. Is kicking back and watching Bachelor in Paradise with a glass of wine the worst thing?

Taking a break allows you to look back at your day, file anything that happened into your imaginary file folders, and continue on with life. Think of it as a time for your mind to heal from anything that has happened to you. If you break your foot, do you not let the bones heal?

Start loving yourself

I am notorious for caring about others first. Not that there is anything wrong with caring for others, but if that is coming at a cost to your well-being, then you need to talk to yourself.

I know this is hard for my mom’s out there. Family comes first, your children are hungry, the dogs have torn something up again. We can get caught up on what is happening around us, but we sometimes forget to “look” at what is going on inside of us. There are twenty-four hours in the day, we will take away sixteen of those for work and sleep.


What are you doing with the other eight hours? Can you sacrifice an hour?

I love bubble baths, and it is a time that is just mine. I can catch up on my television shows, youtubers, read a book, or I can just sit with my eyes closed and enjoy the moment.

Everyone’s idea of self-care is completely different. Find something that not only fits you, but it fits your schedule. Your mental health is worth whatever time you can dedicate to it. Plus it is a lot cheaper than medication…unless your idea of self-care is Chanel bags, then I am not sure.

Is self-care selfish?

NO! As my queen, Ru Paul says, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else”. The first time I heard this, it was like someone hit me from behind. A lot of failed relationships are because we are looking to complete ourselves through someone else.

Seriously, why are we doing that?

Humans are definitely not perfect, and we make too many mistakes to count. As long as you are able to learn from mistakes, then you should not be putting any pressure on yourself. You are a goddess, and you should never forget that.

Treat yo’ self! Save up for something fun, tell your husband to cook dinner, tell your kids you would love to go to the park and swing until you can’t see. Self-care does not have to mean pampering. It could mean doieng nothing.

Be sure to check out my post about improving your life to find out some really easy things you can do that can make a big impact on your overall happiness. It is as simple as one small thing, all you have to do is take the plunge.

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