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One of the hardest parts about blogging is just sitting down and actually writing! Not only can it be the most time consuming, but it can also be stressful. Making sure we say the right things or coming across a certain way is just another concern to add to an already long list. If you’re looking for a way to make the writing process easier, here is exactly how I write my blog posts.

write blog posts

Create an outline

Do you remember in middle school when we would have to turn in outlines for our essays on how Dr. Seuss relates to real life? Your teacher was actually onto something! Writing was never my strength, and the outlines seriously helped me. When I write a new blog post, the first thing that I do is whip up an outline of what I want that post to include.

  • Have a working headline to know what your outline is about
  • List 3-4 main ideas that you want to include in your post
  • List additional resources or minor points

Make sure you’re doing your research

There is nothing I hate more than inaccurate information in a blog post. Even if it is just about your favorite mascara, you have to make sure that your facts are straight! I’ve mentioned how to add value to your content in the past, and part of the value is providing accurate information. It takes two seconds to fact check something, and it could make all of the difference to someone who is reading your post.

write blog posts

Make sure you edit!

Even if you are amazing at writing, you’re going to have to edit. Trust me, I really don’t enjoy the editing process on anything, but it has to be done. Thanks to tools like Grammarly, it cuts the time in half and has been able to help me become a better writer. I prefer to write my blog posts in the same manner that I speak in, but everyone will be different. Another reason to edit is to just cut down on the crap! I am a TALKER and I can go on for days. By editing my posts, I can cut out the fluff and just get the important information out there! Plus, if it doesn’t make sense to you, it won’t make sense to your audience either!

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