How to Hygge even if you have no idea what it is.

If you spend any amount of time online, then you have probably heard of Hygge. The hip new lifestyle choice that comes from our friendly Danish neighbors. Maybe you can blame their happiness on this choice, who knows! You can call this coziness, contentment, or just being happy! So, let’s talk about Hygge, and how you can incorporate it into your life. 

how to hygge

Let’s hygge it up!

If you need a great reason to buy some comfy clothes, great candles, or just anything, then try this one out. Hygge is all about small indulgences, and actually taking the time to treat yourself. To be fair, the last thing I need is a reason to treat myself. We are all about self-love and self-care over here, so we are welcoming Hygge with open arms! Plus, it is a new year, so what better time to get your ducks in a row!

Check your environment

Being cozy is a huge part of being this lifestyle choice, and it is a great place to start! We should be organizing and fixing up our life right now with the new year. As a blogger, I love a crisp, bright light, but hygge is not a fan. Try turning down the lights to create a cozy environment. I love to light candles, and really get into a warm vibe at my home anyway! According to this little book, fireplaces and candles are the perfect for of light anyway! If you went a little overboard on holiday candles too, this is great news!

Another way of updating your environment is to actually just make it cozier! Finding pillows, throw blankets, or artwork can completely change your environment. I love to find those items at TJ Maxx or Homegoods. Not only are they super on trend and affordable, you can find some really interesting pieces that you may not be able to find everywhere else.

how to hygge

A perfect reason to buy some new lounge clothes!

I cannot think of a single person who does not love some new pajamas! Even if you are not getting any new ones, it may be time to pull out the pajamas that your grandma gets you at Christmas every year. Something that I think you can really spend some money on is pajamas! We spend a lot of time in them, you sleep in them, plus, they are much more comfortable than jeans! I have recently discovered my love for house shoes. I have plantar fasciitis, so these keep my feet feeling great, and they keep my feet warm too!

You can find comfy clothes pretty much anywhere, and you definitely do not have to break the bank on them. I think having a luxurious set of pajamas is completely justifiable, but I am definitely an oversized hoodie and sweatpants kind of girl. Matter of fact, I have no idea where my favorite pajama pants came from. Thanks to whoever I borrowed them from, you are never getting them back!

Would this be a hygge post without treating yourself?

Since this trend is all about taking the time to care about yourself, obviously this includes your beauty routine! I personally love to invest in my skincare or makeup. Not only is the quality there, but they usually feature ingredients that help your skin as well as providing you with a flawless highlight. This can range from finding a serum you love, to using some incredible sheet mask or just finding a new lipstick shade that you adore.

Treating yourself does not have to be expensive. There are so many brands now that are insanely affordable, and have ingredients that are just as amazing as the expensive brands. Even something as simple as a lotion can add that luxuriousness to your daily routine. So, if nothing else, try and incorporate a beauty self-care aspect, and keep it up this year!

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Have you incorporated hygge into your life?



  1. January 16, 2019 / 11:44 am

    This was such a great post! I actually do this and wasn’t even aware what it was called. And I will continue doing it because it’s awesome!

    • ashleestuart
      January 16, 2019 / 11:58 am

      It really is, and so easy to do as well! Thanks for reading Amanda!

  2. January 16, 2019 / 8:17 pm

    Hygge is seriously how I get through the winters now. They are so long and dark here, but curling up in front of the fire, with a cozy blanket and a book makes winter wonderful!

    • ashleestuart
      January 17, 2019 / 1:24 pm

      Yes! That is one of my favorite parts of winter!

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