How To Take Care of Your Leather Couch

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The couches we purchased from Article are actually my first deep dive into leather couches. On the day they arrived, I knew that I had to take care of them like they were my firstborn. Thanks to Will, I have figured out the best ways to take care of my leather couch, and I wanted to share them with you!

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Not All Leather Is The Same

Whenever you choose a leather couch, you should make a mental (or cell phone) note about what kind of leather you are going to be dealing with. If you have a couch that has unprotected leather, you are going to need to be extremely careful with what happens on your couch. This is also called aniline leather. Protected leathers are often called semi-aniline which means they have some sort of a coating to make it more stain-resistant.

We have the Article Charme Tan Timber couches. They are full-aniline leather couches which means that they are more likely to show signs of wear and tear. With that being said, I love them so much, and I would fully recommend them if you have time to care for a leather couch.

Cleaning Leather

When it comes to cleaning aniline leather, there really isn’t much that you should do. You can pick up a specific cleaner for aniline leather. We use the Leather Master Kit from Amazon. Keeping your aniline leather dusted or wiped down with a damp microfiber cloth is also a great way to maintain your couch! Just make sure you are using distilled water!

If you are smart enough to pick up a protected leather couch, have no fear! You can use the same cleaning product or one that is made for protected leather. Protected leather allows for harsher cleaning, but your best bet is to stick with gentle cleaning. You should also make sure you vacuum your leather couches frequently to protect it from dust and oils.

Spills and accidents are going to happen. On any leather couch, you need to try and soak it up with a dry towel ASAP. You will always want to make sure your leather is as dry as possible, never leave it wet or moist. The retailer where you got your couch should have some sort of care instructions. If it is really bad, you can call a professional to have them come to access the situation.

Extending The Life Of Your Leather

The lifestyle you lead has a lot to do with the care you need for your leather couch. We have four dogs who are used to sleeping on couches. It has been a struggle to keep them off of the couches. When we do not have people over, we use covers to protect them. Great Pyrenees drool is not a leather couch’s best friend.

The Leather Cleaner Kit that I mentioned earlier also comes with a protectant cream. If you find that your leather is looking a little tired, throw some on there. You should always be careful when applying any sort of product to leather. Test a small area that is not seen to make sure it works for you. Products can also cause your leather to become darker!

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  1. Alicia Hursley
    July 16, 2020 / 5:44 pm

    Great tips on cleaning leather. I’m going to check out that kit for sure. I like to have all of my upholstery cleaned professionally once a year. Leather can be tricky because I’ve had bad experiences with cleaning companies in the past that did more harm than good. I found Green Leaf Chem-Dry here in Tacoma though and they have an amazing leather cleaning service that actually got my couches cleaned! Would recommend them to anybody.

    • ashleestuart
      July 16, 2020 / 5:46 pm

      That sounds amazing! I wish we had a reliable service near us! For now we are doing regular maintenance to keep them looking as good as they can. Hopefully we can find someone to do a clean once a year!

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