A few new hashtag strategies that I’m using on Instagram

Instagram is pretty annoying, but that doesn’t mean that as a blogger it doesn’t cross my mind every now and then. We all see tips and tricks about how to grow on Instagram, but what is actually working for the everyday person? Since I consider myself a pretty average user I have been working on a few new hashtag strategies, and this is how it is going.

hashtag strategies

Taking the time to actually research hashtags

Something that I never wanted to do before was to actually take the time to look up new hashtags. If someone said a list worked for them, I would just go with that. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I realized how important it was to actually get into the trenches and find out what hasthags were good for my niche, what kind of content each used, and the reach that each of the hashtags actually had. While it might seem like a tedious thing to do, it is a great way to see what is actually going on in the Instagram world, and it has made quite the difference in the reach I have had, and the people I have been able to connect with!

Don’t use the same hashtags every single day!

Wow, I am so guilty of doing this in the past, no wonder my hashtag strategies weren’t working before! If you’re currently using the same list of hashtags on every post, not only are they potentially not related to what you post thday day, but Instagram also could mark you as spam! If you’re marked as spam, then you can say goodbye to your dreams of growing, seriously. While I don’t use the same list, I do have lists saved based on number of posts, and what they are related to. When I set up my captions and hashtags, I’ll open that document and pick and chooose hashtags that are relative.

hashtag strategies

You can use thirty, but you don’t have to

I was pretty much set on always using the thirty hashtag limit a few months ago. Here is a post about some growth strategies that I used to use if you’re interested! In my mind, the more I used the better my reach would be, and the more people would see my content. One of the biggest hashtag strategies that I have been implementing is just using hashtags that are relative (see a trend here?!). If you feel like using thirty, then go for it, but don’t feel like it is necessary for growth!

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