Why I love my email list, and why you need one!

Something that I didn’t know when I first started blogging was the importance of creating an email list. Thinking back on it, it sometimes still annoys me thinking about how far I could have gotten with it! When I started this blog, I knew that creating an email list was something that I really wanted to have. I’m going to share exactly why I love mine, and why you need to start building yours right now!

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It creates a community

Take it from me, not everyone wants to sign up for email lists or newsletters! If I’m signed up for your newsletter, then I really like the person or the content they put out. When someone chooses to sign up for your email list, it is because they like you or what you do. This is essentially creating a community based around your blog. Want to know the best thing about communities? You can establish real friendships, and real connections without feeling like someone only wants to be your friend so you will follow them on Instagram. I’ve been able to establish some nice friendships with fellow bloggers through my email list, and it’s been amazing!

It’s amazing for call-to-actions

Quickly, if you don’t know, a call-to-action is something to meant to point a user toward a specific action. Your email list has helped you build a community, and your call-to-actions are going to be a way for you to tell them what you want! Are you wanting them to follow you on social media? Maybe you have a blog post that you are proud of and you want them to read it. I always place relevant links and communications points as call-to-actions in my emails that I send out.

To be honest, you should be using them everywhere you can. Someone might want to join your email list, but they don’t know it exists. Place call-to-actions in your blog posts, social posts, wherever you can! This is also a great way to tell what your audience actually is interested in. If they are clicking on recipes more than beauty, then you can tell what your content should be leaning towards.

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An email list is a personal connection

The absolute best aspect of your email list is that it establishes a personal connection. Someone’s inbox is private! If you’re anything like me, then you rule your inbox with an iron fist. When someone signs up for your list, it is really personal! They are sharing their name and a direct way to contact them. Protect that information! If you’re looking to really grow your blog and social media following, then it’s all about creating a personal connection between you and the people who are choosing to follow you.

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