What to do when you feel stuck

Sadly, it happens to all of us. No matter how organized we are, and no matter our confidence levels, there are just times when we feel stuck! Since 2019 is all about being the best version of ourselves, I’m sharing three tips that have really helped me out!

feel stuck

Create New Goals

You know when you play The Sims, and you can pick their traits? My sim always had an ambitious trait! I love to constantly be making some sort of progress with my goals or career. When I feel stuck, it is because I’m not making any sort of advancement. I’m a marketing girl, so goals and objectives seriously rule my everyday life.

Take a look at what you’re doing right now. Are you working toward a goal? Have your goals changed? Take a few minutes and write down some things that you want to accomplish before the end of the year. Creating new goals can help you gain back your motivation! If you’re looking for some productivity tips, check this post here!

Try To Disconnect

I spend a lot of time on the internet. I’m not even going to tell you how much time! As a blogger, I struggle with not feeling good enough, or like my content is missing something, and it can make me feel stuck! Even though I work online, I sometimes just have to disconnect. A lot of us get stuck in the same routine that we do on a daily basis, and most of it has to do with technology! Instead of checking your phone as soon as you wake up, create a morning routine that avoids electronics!

I’m notorious for forgetting to take photos on vacation! Thank goodness for my younger cousin who loves to take photos! I really disconnect when I’m away from home. I’m one for living in the moment and having experiences! Then there are times where I just put my phone down. I’m convinced it helps keep me sane!

feel stuck

Clean Up Your Life

I sang that to the tune of “Spice Up Your Life” in case anyone is wondering. I’m talking about cleaning up physically and figuratively. I think we are all on the cleaning train since Marie Kondo hit the scene. There are times where I feel stuck within my environment, and I have to clean my closet, rearrange furniture, or deep clean my baseboards just to feel better!

You can also clean your life figuratively! If you’re dealing with a toxic relationship or friendship, then cut that out! We all took a vow to not deal with the nonsense this year! This can also be an amazing way to reduce stress and anxiety. In a way, it is a form of self-care! After all, the only person who is taking care of you, IS YOU!

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