How I’ve been able to enjoy social media again as a creator

As a content creator, I put a lot of pressure on myself. Are my photos good enough, are my captions interesting, am I using the right hashtags? Something that I have been focusing on this year is learning how to enjoy social media again. After all, it really is just for fun, and should be an extension of your brand or blog! If you’re annoyed with Instagram, then keep reading!

enjoy social media

Stop worrying about the numbers

We all want to grow on social media, but at what cost? I’m almost embarrassed to talk about the number of hours I spent picking apart my social channels only to still be confused. After I deleted my Instagram last year and started over, building a community was way more important than the rate at which I was growing. If you’re creating content that resonates with someone, they will find you! It’s really hard to enjoy social media if you are not doing it for yourself.

Post whatever you want!

Speaking of doing it for yourself, just post what you want! I’ve spent quite a few hours of my life stressing about if my images were perfect. I would go back and look at what I was posting and realizing it just wasn’t me. I gave up trying to fit in a mold a few years ago, and if you’re wanting to really enjoy social media again, then you need to just be yourself. If I feel like posting a picture of my dog, I do. Maybe I am reminiscing about a trip I went on. It all just depends on how I’m feeling that day. I highly suggest you do that as well!

enjoy social media

Focus on engaging

Hi, it’s me, beating a dead horse! The single best thing that you can do to grow on any social platform is to be social on it! I know, what a weird thought. A few years ago I just couldn’t be bothered to engage with pretty much anyone. I’ve previously mentioned the engagement strategy that has completely changed the game for me in terms of social media. Additionally, you can sign up for my five-day free email course which dives deeper into getting your engagement up!

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