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How I doubled my blog traffic in one month

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One of the biggest blogging struggles is getting people to actually visit your blog! Over the years of blogging, I’ve tried many different techniques and strategies to try and get people to actually come to my blog. When I launched this blog at the beginning of the year, I had almost three years of blogging under my belt and decided to create one large strategy that actually worked. If you’re interested in learning exactly how I doubled my blog traffic in one month, keep reading!

doubled blog traffic

You’ve got to be consistent!

When I started blogging, I had no routine, no schedule, nothing. I just would put up posts when I felt like it. While I believe that you shouldn’t put content out if you aren’t feeling it, once I created a consistent schedule, that is when I doubled my blog traffic! At the end of the year on my last blog, I decided to post every single day. While that was really fun, I realized that my perfect schedule would be every other day.

doubled blog traffic
doubled blog traffic

One of the biggest reasons that you should be consistent is because it can let your audience know when to expect new posts! Even if you are having a problem with finding a schedule that works for you, once you find a schedule, it becomes second nature!

Develop a social media strategy

Social media is the best tool we have as bloggers. It is free marketing and an amazing way to connect with other bloggers too! Until I had settled on a social media strategy, it just wasn’t bringing in the blog traffic! Similar to how I found a blog post schedule that worked for me, I just tacked on my social media to the end! This is dependent on what social media accounts you use, as well as how much time you think is suitable to spend on the platforms. If you’re wondering, this is mine:

  • Post link to my blog post on my blog’s Facebook page.
  • Add new blog post to Buffer, and schedule out until the new blog post goes up later in the week. I do 8 posts per day that are scheduled specifically for blog posts. Buffer is great because it allows you to repost content super easily!
  • Upload image and caption about my blog post to Instagram. I also engage before and after I post. If you’re interested in my engagement strategy, check out either of these posts! Engagement | $1.80 Method
  • Post all three Pinterest graphic images to Pinterest. I include descriptions, keywords, and hashtags to enhance the SEO of the post.
  • Share Pinterest graphics to *Tailwind Tribes, and schedule in my Tailwind pin scheduler.
doubled blog traffic

Speaking of Tailwind

I’ve shared a few times my intense love for *Tailwind on the blog, and I seriously attribute it to how I doubled my blog traffic. While it is a paid tool, I think it is one of the best investments that you can make for your blog. It is a great way to get your content out there, and as we know, Pinterest is an amazing tool for bloggers! If you want more information about Tailwind, then I have an entire post dedicated to it right here!

The real secret to how I doubled my blog traffic? Creating quality content!

There are millions of bloggers on the internet, and they are all sharing great content. The best way to get people to your blog is to provide them with content that you are proud of you, and that benefits your audience. Providing value to people who take the time to read our blog is important. Time is not a renewable source, and as creators, we probably know that better than anyone, right? I’ve shared a few steps that I use to make better content for my blog, and they are tips that I use every single day!

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