How to always have content ideas for your blog

I think one of the biggest questions I get is “How do you always create content?”. Honestly, it is a valid question! There were so many times when I first started blogging that I wouldn’t post for months because I had nothing to write about! Coming up with content ideas is actually a lot easier than it seems, and you don’t have to stress about it!

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Keep a journal of content ideas

As you probably know, I LOVE to write everything down. It helps me remember things, is a more reliable source when I’m working, and can let me expand on my ideas. Additionally, I spend enough time on electronics, so a notebook is nice. I have a journal that is designated for my blog post outlines. I will put the rough headline at the top and list three to five points that I want to make sure I talk about. On one of the blog podcasts I listen to (I think it was Just Keep Blogging), I heard her refer to it as an “idea parking lot”, and that is my new favorite way to reference my journal! I fill it with ideas constantly so that I never run out of content ideas.

Answer your own questions!

This is probably my favorite tip…ever. When I first began blogging, I had so many questions, it was ridiculous. I knew that sharing everything I have learned through my blogging process was something I wanted to do. One day, I wrote down a list of questions that I knew I had when I started. From there, I was able to create an entire category of topics, and I actually still add content ideas to that list quite often. Even for something that isn’t about blogging, you can still basically answer questions. If you travel a lot, write about some travel tips. Maybe makeup is your thing! Create posts about your favorite makeup, or even do reviews as I did on my previous blog!

content ideas

Find some inspiration

I previously wrote a post about what to do when you feel stuck, and I mentioned finding inspiration. Not being inspired can have a serious impact on your ability to come up with content ideas! Sometimes you might have to take a step back and “heal” your creative process. Some of my favorite ways to find inspiration is to ask those around me what they are struggling with or what kind of content they are into at the moment. I also gain a lot of inspiration from browsing Pinterest, reading articles, and reading books!

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