4 Ways To Start Creating Better Content For Your Blog

As bloggers, we can all agree that we always want to be creating better content for our readers, and especially for our blog. Not only is content what can set you apart from the other blogs on the internet, but it is the best way to add value to your blog! I’m sharing four ways that I go about creating better content, and they are pretty easy to do!

better content

Just do what you love

Yeah, it is as easy as that! After blogging for three years, I can tell you that if you’re not writing about something you enjoy, it will come across badly on your blog. Not only is it more difficult to write, but your audience just isn’t going to buy it. If people aren’t buying what you’re selling, then you’re doing something wrong. Trust me, I’ve had to make changes over the years, and I even have made changes on this blog!

In the blogging industry, you can tend to compare yourself to others. Just because you see someone else having success at something, it doesn’t mean that you will. Find your own path, find your own voice. It will get you a lot further in blogging, and life in general! On a side note, this totally goes along with Instagram as well!

Quality not quantity

This is ironic coming from someone who blogs so often, right? If you read my post about how I write posts in thirty minutes, then you understand! If you can write a ton of posts that you stand behind, then that is amazing. If that means one post a month for you, then that works too. I’ve mentioned a few times that there is nothing I dislike more than reading a post full of fluff.

When you write a post, make sure that you are answering the question that the reader might be having. If you’re talking about styling black jeans, then I need to see some options. Sharing your favorite blogging tools? I better find something that I need in my life. If you want to make better content, then make sure you’re giving some value in everything you create.

better content

Do your research for better content!

Speaking of adding value to your blog posts, make sure that you’re doing your research! When I blogged about beauty products, I was researching everything thing I could about the products. If I wasn’t sure what one of the ingredients was, you could find me fifteen tabs deep in the benefits of whatever it was.

The same principle goes for any aspect of blogging. Techniques that I share on this blog are things that I have actually done. If someone is taking time to come to your blog, then you want to make sure that what you are providing is accurate. Lawsuits aren’t fun, and I don’t think any of us want one.

Just be honest

My previous post talks all about the importance of responsible blogging, and I highly suggest you read that. Even if you are not a new blogger, it is always important to brush up on the legal and ethical side of the blogging community. As the community grows, the magnifying glass is narrowing down on anyone who isn’t doing what they should be.

In addition to knowing the rules, make sure you’re always thinking about who your audience is. For me, I noticed that my readers didn’t care about certain aspects of my blog, so I turned my focus onto topics that they did care about. Not only am I providing value to them, but it clears up my time for more important aspects of my blog as well.

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What steps do you take to create better content for your blog?



    • ashleestuart
      February 18, 2019 / 1:32 pm

      You’re so welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed!

  1. February 18, 2019 / 9:14 am

    What a fab post! I definitely agree that it’s quality over quantity, plus it’s not as rewarding when you post something you’re not happy with xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • ashleestuart
      February 18, 2019 / 1:32 pm

      So true! I never post anything that I’m not happy with, even if it breaks my content calendar!

  2. July 31, 2019 / 6:24 am

    Yes!!! This is one of the most informational blog posts about blogging I’ve read in a long time. Thanks for being so real and straightforward!!

    love the blog design too!

    • ashleestuart
      July 31, 2019 / 11:25 am

      Thanks so much girl, you’re so sweet! I think there is a lot of fluff in the blogging world, so I’m so happy you enjoyed my opinion!

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