Why do we continue to make excuses?

We’ve all been there, right? I know that I definitely have. I’ve spent more time making up excuses for something than I would have either doing whatever it was, or just being honest about my feelings. I’ve realized that there are three factors that have a huge influence on our lives, and it actually is part of the reason we continue to make excuses. If you’re ready to live your life the way that you want, then keep reading!

continue make excuses

We simply feel not good enough

I know that a lot of us continue to make excuses about social media. Specifically Instagram in particular! Our pictures aren’t good enough, I’m not thin enough, the list goes on and on. In the same vein, we have spent so much time comparing ourselves to others that it almost seems natural, right?! Something that you need to remember is that you’re always good enough for WHATEVER! Don’t worry, I’m not going to turn into a life coach anytime soon. What I am going to turn into is a cheerleader for anyone who needs one. We all need someone to remind us that we are amazing and strong.

The wrong environment can kill you

I don’t mean this literally, but technically that could happen! What I’m referring to is your current situation. I’ve been pretty open about my past throughout my blogging adventure, and today is no different. I made a lot of poor decisions when I was in the wrong environment. What was worse is that I would continue to make excuses no matter what anyone else says. Here is a pro tip, sometimes you need to listen to the people on the outside, they can actually see more about you than you think.

continue make excuses

Maybe you’re living in fear

Up until ordering pizza online was a thing, I continued to make excuses as to why I couldn’t call the pizza place. Also, if that doesn’t show my age, I don’t know what does. Fear is something that has pretty much plagued my life, and it kept me from some amazing opportunities. A lot of our fear is based on making changes, trying something new, and once again, feeling not good enough. Try and face your fears, or even write them down. It can help you find ways to overcome those fears!

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