The importance of community versus competition

I think in the blogging world, there can be an importance placed on being the best Everyone wants to be the best they can be, and they want to get to some sort of milestone before anyone else they know. I actually found out about the idea of community versus competition while I was scrolling through Instagram one day, and it really got me thinking about how importance it.

commuity versus competition

We all have the same goal

In the blogging world, we all typically have the exact same goal. We want to be able to take something that we love and turn it into our career. We all want to be the best bloggers we can be in some way or another. I have seen so many bloggers try to tear each other down in one way or another, and it is really disheartning. Community versus competition reminds us as creators that we are all working toward the same goal. None of us came out knowing exactly how to blog, and it has been a huge learning process for me over the years! So before you try and rain on someone else’s parade, think about how you would feel in the same situation.

Remember your passion

When was the last time that you did something perfectly the first time? For most of us who have been blogging for a few years, it has been a labor of love to get to where we are. There have probably been breakdowns, bad photos, and a lack of ideas. While it might seem like a good idea to hide the bad, the push toward authenticity has completely changed that. When working on your social media presence, it has become almost vital to build a community that is interested in what you create. Share the good times, share the bad times, share your dreams, that’s what people are wanting to see now.

commuity versus competition

Help each other out!

The most important thing about community versus competition is that without help, none of us would be where we are. A few years ago I saw a fellow blogger complain about someone asking a question about how she created a graphic. I instantly unfollowed her, and I never looked back. We all have been there before. Instead of tearing down your fellow bloggers, you should be helping out and sharing whatever you can. Trust me, one day you’ll have a qustion, and you don’t want karma to come calling that day!

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