How To Take Care Of Your Leather Vintage Handbags

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Vintage handbags are really popular right now and for good reason! Not only can you get classic styles at more affordable prices, but it is also great for sustainability. Some of these bags can be almost fifty years old! Being an owner of multiple vintage handbags I have some tips!

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Know What You’re Buying

If you are thinking about buying vintage handbags, then you have probably done your research, right? You should! The key to taking care of your bags is to know exactly what kind of bag you are buying. What it is made of, how you use it, and where it has been are all reflections of your new-to-you bag.

Any time that you purchase a bag from a retailer or website, they are going to have information about the bag. Make sure you know how to care for leather, canvas, or whatever your bag is made out of. It is going to help you understand if the cost is fare based on the wear and tear. It will also help you decide if it is a bag that is right for you.

Use The Right Tools

When I picked up my vintage Chanel Classic Flap a few years ago, I knew that it had been a long time since the ’70s and that it might need some work done on it. I sent it to a cleaning service where they would repair any scratches or chain issues. Although I was pleased with it at the time, it seemed that it didn’t last too long. I knew that I needed to have products and tools at my house that I could keep my vintage handbags in their best condition.


I have the most experience with keeping a leather handbag in top condition. Sadly, I worked on both of my bags a long time ago, so I don’t have any before photos. They just needed a little life back in them. After reading about 100 different posts about what the best leather is, I picked up the Cadillac Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner and Lotion.I’ve used both of these products on a Chanel Lambskin and Chanel Caviar bag, and on my LV Carryall 55. My Classic Flap bag is from the 70s, and my Carryall is from the 90s. I use an old T-shirt to apply the products to the bag so that it will be gentle and not scratch or damage the bag a few times a year.

Keep Them Safe

No joke, the easiest way to take care of your vintage handbags is simply to take care of them. Handbags come with dustbags for a reason, if you are not keeping your handbag in the dust bag, then you are not a good purse parent! You also should keep your bags that you aren’t using filled to keep its shape. You can use the wrapping that comes with your bag, or I just use my Christmas pajamas!

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