Trying to be “busy” could be ruining your creative flow

It seems like every time we turn around, someone is too busy to do something or be somewhere. When I was little, I was always told that you need to make sure you’re slowing down and enjoying life! So my question is, when did being busy become the trendy thing to do, and is it hurting how we work?


It can actually increase our stress!

Stress and anxiety are both things that I have dealt with my entire life. In fact, I’ve spent most of my life figuring out ways to reduce the stress that I deal with on a daily basis. If we are really so busy, then are we actually taking the time to take care of ourselves? Being busy can lead to an increased amount of stress. It might cause you to feel overwhelmed, or like you don’t have enough time to get everything that you need to do done.

If you work in a creative environment or have a side hustle like a blog, then creativity is something that we rely on day in and day out. While I’m a multitasker, there are a lot of times where my work suffers because I feel like I’m too busy to take the time out of my life to work to the standard that I want to complete tasks. Here is a mantra that I tell myself daily:

I am not too busy to do what is important to me

Being busy could restrict your opportunities!

I’ve seen this happen my entire life, and it can be detrimental! If you’re too busy, you could seriously be slamming doors in your own face! A few years ago, I had a lot on my plate in terms of personal relationships, and professional relationships and I turned down a huge opportunity that probably could have changed my life. I was just too busy to take the time and prepare myself for that change, so I turned it down. There are definitely times where I sit and wonder what could have happened. Don’t be too busy that you forget how important it is to evolve as a person.


It has basically become a status symbol

By being busy, a lot of the girls I know feel like they re falling into the “girl boss” mentality. It almost seems like we have to say that we are busy so our peers find us productive and successful. If we are too busy to actually do the things we want to do, or spend time with our loved ones, is it really something that we should be bragging about?

My challenge for you is to find a happy balance between work and play. Not only is it great for your mental and physical health, but it can help keep your creativity and workflow as productive as it can be! If you’re looking for some tips on how you can be more productive, check out this post!

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