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Blogging Email List Basics: 0-200+ Subscribers

Something that I never really did with my older blog was grow my email list. I work in digital marketing, so I knew the importance of one, but I just had no idea what to say! When I started this blog, I knew that growing a blogging email list was something that I wanted to start working on immediately.

In the first month of my blog, I was able to grow 200 subscribers, and I’m happy to report that number is growing! If you’re ready to grow yours, then the blogging email list guide is yours for the taking!

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Create multiple forms

Want a quick tip? If people don’t know about your email list, then they are going to sign up for it. It is as simple as that! By creating multiple forms, it increases your chance of converting that reader to a subscriber. For me, I knew that growing my blogging email list was a primary goal. I chose the theme I’m currently using from HelloYou Designs for the prioritized placement of the opt-in.

I use three different kinds of forms on my website. You probably noticed a pop-up offering my email course. I also have used landing pages as a way to share information about my ebook or newsletter. The last option is embedded forms which can be placed anywhere that you can put an HTML code. This would be similar to the form on my homepage, or the form which is located at the bottom of this post. The great thing about different forms is that they can be hooked up to automations which will automatically send a series of emails (or just one!) that are triggered when someone subscribes!

Create an incentive for your blogging email list

Blogging is all about creativity and providing value. While you might have some readers make the switch to subscribers, it doesn’t mean that everyone will follow that path. This is a perfect opportunity to create an opt-in. An opt-in is something that the reader will receive in exchange for signing up for your blogging email list. One of the main opt-ins that I offer is the password to my resource library which is full of posts related to blogging, business, and some fun downloads!

Through my email list, I have provided a variety of opt-ins. I provide downloads for members of The Brunch Club, email courses with specialized downloads that work with the email, and even content that is sent directly to their email like my 300+ hashtag guide. To create these graphics, I take full advantage of Canva and Over. I have paid accounts on both platforms, but they are free to use as well. If you are not a graphic designer, then these are great to start with!

blogging email list

It’s a great way to connect!

While we don’t want to spam our readers, I do think it is important to connect with those who subscribed to your blogging email list. Obviously, they like what you create, and they are giving you a direct path. I love to create a monthly newsletter to show what they might have missed on the blog. It also lets me catch up about what is going on, and even share some exciting things from social media.

It doesn’t stop there! If I find something important to share, I’ll pop in their inbox as well. A few weeks ago when that follower saga happened on Instagram, I shared an email with my point of view, and a few resources that pertained to growing their social media accounts!

What do I use?

I’ve tried a few different email marketing platforms in the past, and I have found that Mailerlite is seriously the easiest to use. I can create forms the way that I want to, and it is totally free for up to 1,000 subscribers. It keeps track of all of the data that helps me figure out what my subscribers actually like. If you’re looking for something to start out with, then I highly recommend this platform!

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    • Yep! There is a plug-in that you can add to your WordPress that is amazing! I also have header/footer plug in that you can copy codes for your forms into!

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