How to actually beat jet lag before it even happens

Oh, the dreaded jet lag! Don’t get me wrong, I love international travel, and I’ll be the first one to hop on a flight bound for anywhere. One thing that can seriously ruin a vacation is jet lag, and it can even ruin your routine once you get back home! Here are my four tips to beat jet lag for your next adventure!

jet lag

Adjust your schedule before you leave

This might be more difficult if you don’t have any downtime before your trip, but a great way to beat jet lag is to try and adjust yourself to the time change before you go. I’m not saying that you need to fully change your schedule at home! What I typically do is find out how far ahead or behind the time change will be. From there I try and figure out what I will typically be doing around those times. Sometimes it will require me going to bed earlier, or getting up a few hours before hand. This is also an amazing way to rest up for your trip too!

Stick to the local time

On the other side of the jet lag fiasco is how your body is reacting to the local time of your destination. If you adjusted your schedule at home prior to your trip as I suggested above, then you’re already ahead! This can sometimes be hard, but your body will thank you for it! Even if it is 1 am where you live, but 9 am where you are traveling, make sure that you’re going to sleep and getting up at those times. One of the worst mistakes I made when I went to Stockholm last year was that I would end up back in my room around 2 or 3 pm, and I fell asleep every time! It left me feeling incredibly groggy, and it wasn’t fun!

jet lag

Seriously, don’t take a nap!

Ahh, trust me when I saw this! Do whatever you can to stay awake. Not only will a nap seriously cut down on the time that you have to explore your destination, but it will also have horrifying results when it comes to how rested you feel, and your sleep pattern! If you are able to go out and explore the area, then you should do that! Although jet lag is temporary, it can have negative impacts on your sleep even when you get home!

Staying active will be jet lag, promise!

Something I have noticed about myself is that if I don’t give my body or mind the chance to even think of jet lag, I usually don’t think about it. When my family and I go on trips, we are running from sun up to sun down! By staying active, our body is actually enjoying the sleep that we are getting at night and thoroughly enjoying our vacation as well.

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