5 Female-Led Podcasts That I Am Obsessed With

Podcasts are something that I wasn’t into when I was younger. I didn’t really get the hype, and I felt like I just didn’t have time. Over the past three years, podcasts have become a staple for me! Here are 5 female-led podcasts right now for you to add to your listening library!

female-led podcasts

1. Keeping It candid

I’m not going to lie, the main reason I listen to this is that one of the hosts is a blogger that I really enjoy! Millie Cotton & Sophie Milner host a pop culture podcast that comes out about every two weeks. They talk about current events related to (and not related to) blogging, media, and all of the sort. They give an honest opinion and seem like the kind of girls that I would become friends with.

2. The Influencer Podcast

This podcast is one that I have been listening to since I first began blogging over three years ago! When it comes to female-led podcasts, this is high on everyone’s list! Julie Solomon shares a ton of tips on how to be the best blogger and influencer you can be! With real-life tips from people that have done it, it has cleared up so many questions that I had over the few years! She is also a fellow Tennessee girl!

female-led podcasts

3. Just Keep Blogging

Like TIP, Just Keep Blogging with Kim Anderson has been a life saver! She is the reason I finally figured out what to call my weird journal of blog thoughts! She dives deep into what blogging is all about, and breaks down what might be scaring you away from really excelling as a blogger!

4. The Lavendaire Lifestyle

This has been a newer podcast that I’ve added to my list of favorite podcasts, but it had to be on it! Aileen proves great information on how to live your best life, and make self-love something that isn’t a foreign concept! She also has guests who give their testimony about how they improved their life as well!

5. Soul In The Raw

I think we all get in our feelings sometimes right? Olivia and Shannon have done an amazing job of giving you the kick that you need to get going again! When I’m having a bad day, this is one of my favorite podcasts to dive into, and I love the guests they have as well! This female-led podcast is a serious place for some girl power!

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